[Computer-go] UEC Cup

Kahn Jonas jonas.kahn at math.u-psud.fr
Mon Mar 16 12:11:53 PDT 2015

> Here is a partial game record I saved during the game. I am sorry I did not save the full game as sgf. It is on the nngs server of the UEC, so I might be able to get it tomorrow.
> Crazy Stone invaded too deeply, and died.

Thank you RĂ©mi!

That was a very surprising game. I would have sworn that CS was black.
Since when does a MC bot play subway go? An effect of NN?

> Tomorrow, the handicap will be 4 stones for DolBaram, and 3 stones for Crazy Stone.

Best of luck for the handicap game. I hope we see our first 3-stone

Et félicitations pour la coupe :)

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