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They are not newcomers.  See KGS Annual championship ranking, for 
example.  Nomitan and DolBaram have KGS rank 3d and 5d, resp. in blitz 
#DolBaram registered last UEC Cup but didn't come to the venue :D

The reason Zen lost against Nomitan was, as far as I've studied, just 
a hard luck.  A major evidence is that the losing moves played at the 
venue were repeated in very few probabilities at my site where almost 
all conditions are the same (only the connection from my laptop to the 
main computer of the clsuter is different, ie, via Internet or lan).

#So far, Zen often lost territory and built thickness in early stages 
and revesed in hte middle.  However, rivals are quickly getting stronger 
while top two are almost standing :-( these a few years, it's also 
getting harder to reverse.  Additionally, Nomitan plays slower (compared 
to others, such as Aya) but steadily, reversing is much harder and the 
lost territory (bottom left in attached sgf) is bigger than usuall.  
Very hard luck.


Lukas van de Wiel: <CAK4iS=jeS9QaSg1dgG4dUCT32CKSWK+jvh6Xj26YNDBKsB8Azw at mail.gmail.com>:
>Thank you for the frequent updates and the pictures.
>I am most curious to learn why it is that Zen, who usually ends up very
>high in these competitions, has been defeated by two newcomers in the
>field. What are Dolbaram and Nomitam doing differently?...
>On Mon, Mar 16, 2015 at 9:58 AM, Kahn Jonas <jonas.kahn at math.u-psud.fr>
>> UEC student won a exhibition game against CrazyStone without handicap.
>> Thank you for keeping us in touch, Hiroshi!
>> Sad for Zen, nice for Nomitan and nice to see Dolbaram in the finals. It
>> will be interesting to see it play a pro.
>> Do you know if there is a kifu for the game between CS and the student?
>> Thank you
>> Jonas
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