[Computer-go] [ANN] Imago - Go board optical recognition

Andrea Carta andrea.carta at mclink.it
Mon Mar 9 16:35:53 PDT 2015

... and again...

> - Pisa's organizers agreed on letting us take pictures (or movies, we'll
> decide later) of some games. One of the players will also contribute (he
> wants to take the pictures himself); others will probably join later on.

Pisa was a success. At least, it was on the software side; not so much on
the hardware's. The first game, my colleague took pictures with his camera,
and everything went allright - the reconstruction was completed in a matter
of few minutes. The second game, I also took pictures with my camera, but
one of the players kept bumping the table and even my tripod, creating so
many errors it required about twenty minutes to complete the reconstruction
- we'll discard this game. The third game, we recorded a video with an Ipad
mounted on a tripod: everything went right and we'll proceed with the
reconstruction as soon as we'll have enough frames extracted. The fourth
game, we tried a new program, PhotoClock, capable of taking a picture each
time one of the players pressed the keyboard (it worked as a clock): that
proved uneffective, as the players' arms were present in each picture (the
contrary of what we hoped), and we'll have to try again with a pair of
mouses instead.
In the whole, we're very satisfied. The paper will be ready at the end of
the week, but without a LaTeX template or at least the number of chars per
page we won't be able to redact it. We hope the problem will be solved soon!

mr. Andrea Carta

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