[Computer-go] Weak bots to run on CGOS

Urban Hafner contact at urbanhafner.com
Mon Mar 9 02:08:04 PDT 2015

Hey everyone,

I'm currently running Brown (random bot) and GnuGo on CGOS 13x13. Mainly to
get a feel for the strength of my own bot. And my bot is really bad. ;) So
bad that it looses all games against GnuGo, but wins all games against
Brown. So, the rating is a bit useless I assume as there are no bots that
are in strength between GnuGo and the random player. Are there any bots in
that range out there? I'd be willing to run them myself on CGOS.

Blog: http://bettong.net/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ujh
Homepage: http://www.urbanhafner.com/
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