[Computer-go] Observing a game in GoGui that's running on KGS/CGOS

RĂ©mi Coulom remi.coulom at free.fr
Sun Mar 8 10:12:00 PDT 2015


On 03/08/2015 10:04 AM, Urban Hafner wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> I'd like to display some statistics from my bot as an overlay for the 
> current board. Using live graphics on GoGui is probably the easiest 
> way to do it. I just need to run the bot in GoGui and emit the proper 
> commands on stderr.
> Now my question is if there's a way to do that for games that are 
> being played on CGOS or KGS. I'm wondering if this is possible with 
> just GoGui and the tools it provides. After all you can pass 
> gogui-twogtp as the "program" to GoGui and observe a game played by 
> two bots. Is there maybe a possible combination of GoGui commands to 
> have GoGui somehow "in the middle" between the CGOS/KGS client and the 
> bot? That way I imagine the commands on stderr could be displayed in 
> GoGui while the other stuff passes right through to the client.
> Urban
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