[Computer-go] cgos.computergo.org down?

Urban Hafner contact at urbanhafner.com
Sun Mar 1 23:33:43 PST 2015

Yes, it did move back there. Unfortunately even when your bots can connect
there they won't play any games. The 13x13 used to run until the beginning
of the month, but sadly that one has stopped working, too. I wonder if
there's anything we as the community can do to help?


On Sun, Mar 1, 2015 at 10:36 PM, Dave Dyer <ddyer at real-me.net> wrote:

> At 01:14 PM 3/1/2015, folkert wrote:
> >Hi, It looks like cgos.computergo.org is down?
> the server has moved back to cgos.boardspace.net
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