[Computer-go] Strange GNU Go ladder behavior

Hiroshi Yamashita yss at bd.mbn.or.jp
Fri Jun 19 13:54:14 PDT 2015

It seems GNU Go built in 64bit has some problems.
I got crash on 64bit, but 32bit binary on 64 bit debian was ok.
Try to build 32bit binary GNU Go.

$ tar xvf gnugo-3.8.tar.gz
$ cd gnugo-3.8
$ ./configure --build=i686-pc-linux-gnu "CFLAGS=-m32" "CXXFLAGS=-m32" "LDFLAGS=-m32"
$ make

yss at debian:~/gnugo-3.8/interface$ ./gnugo -l crashes-gnugo.sgf
white (O) move J8

yss at debian:~/gnugo-3.8/interface$ gcc -v
gcc version 4.7.2 (Debian 4.7.2-5)

Hiroshi Yamashita

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Subject: Re: [Computer-go] Strange GNU Go ladder behavior

> CentOS Linux release 7.1.1503
> 64 bit
> I'm not sure which compiler the make script invoked, but I have these
> installed:
> gcc (GCC) 4.8.3 20140911 (Red Hat 4.8.3-9)
> cc (GCC) 4.8.3 20140911 (Red Hat 4.8.3-9)

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