[Computer-go] gtp question for topological go program

Ray Tayek rtayek at ca.rr.com
Sun Jun 7 22:28:56 PDT 2015

hi, still implementing gtp for my topological go program. it sorta works 
with gogui.

looking at the gnugo implementation, it seems all passive in that it 
simply reacts to commands.

so it looks like one side (or some other controller) has to be the 
passive side and react to the commands (like gnugo), and one side need 
to be active to do the setup and issue genmove commands (like gogui).

currently my program waits for the player to move before sending it's 
repsonse (the move) back. looks like gogui uses something called: 
runLengthyCommand() for this. and some complicated code.

is there any documentation on how to be the active side of gtp?

is it possible for both sides to issue commands?

any pointers will be appreciated.


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