[Computer-go] Hex is solved ?

Rémi Coulom remi.coulom at free.fr
Tue Jul 28 06:38:36 PDT 2015


I have just been told by a colleague that Edouard Rodrigues solved hex mathematically. I was very surprised because I had never heard about it.

The web site with the proof and optimal strategy is there:

I did not look at it in details, but it seems his method can find an optimal move on any position and any board size.

Did the computer-hex people of this list knew about it? I know there was an Hex tournament in Leiden, so I suppose the computer Hex community might not be aware of this result. Or maybe the mathematical result is wrong?

Please circulate this information to the Hex specialists. I am curious about their opinion.

I'll take time tomorrow to study that web site a little.


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