[Computer-go] Determining the final board state for finished games

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In general this is beyond the state of the art of the strongest go programs.  You can’t score without determining the status of every group (live, dead, seki), and you may need to identify required interior defensive moves that have not been played.




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   I'm new to computer Go, it's nice to find this mailing list! I've downloaded the GoGod dataset of completed professional games, and for the games that been fully played out (no resign) I'd like to determine the final state of the board (i.e. which groups are live/dead and what territory belongs to which players). I've written a simple script which can do this for maybe 75% of the completed games, but I'm a little stuck on how to best do this when the pros end the game in less obvious states. Can anyone recommend some resources on how to best do this? Are there any publicly available scripts which already do this?

Thanks so much and nice to meet everyone!

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