[Computer-go] Spring SLOW KGS bot tournament, 19x19

Nick Wedd maproom at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 14:16:25 PST 2015

(I tried to send this message yesterday - but I don't see it in the list
so I am sending it again.)

The spring SLOW KGS bot tournament will start next Sunday, March 1st,
starting at 22:00 UTC, and ending on Wednesday by 14:00 UTC.  It will use
19x19 boards, with time limits of 235 minutes each plus very fast Canadian
overtime, and komi of 7.5.  There are details at

Please register by emailing me, with the words "KGS Tournament
Registration" in the email title, at maproom at gmail.com .

Nick Wedd      maproom at gmail.com
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