[Computer-go] What's a good playout speed?

folkert folkert at vanheusden.com
Wed Apr 8 00:21:20 PDT 2015

> > > I suspected you'd say something like this. ;) It is definitely on my list of things to steal a few things from Michi. But maybe I'll start with simpler and/or well defined things like RAVE or the hand picked MoGo 3x3 patterns. That way it's easy to see if I really screwed something up. The bot is still rather weak so adding some of those features should really improve the strength.
> > 
> > How many playouts (per move) does 'stop_0.9-2b??? do?
> 0
> (none, zero, keine, geen)

(to clarify: it is _not_ doing a monte carlo search)

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