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folkert folkert at vanheusden.com
Fri Apr 3 05:40:09 PDT 2015

> > BTW I am a Linux guy true and true since 1994.  But I am DAMN tempted
> > to write it in C#.
> I use mono on linux [1], and c# is an OK language for this kind of
> thing. RestSharp is an interesting library for web service *clients*,
> but of course you are writing a server.
> Lots of C++ programmers on this list, and C++11 is now quite a safe and
> productive language. But socket support sucks. Asio is the best choice,

I disagree with that. Why does it suck?

For the web-part I would like to suggest libmicrohttpd by the way.

> and it is not at all easy to use or debug; I feel I might just go for
> low-level BSD sockets next time. At least then there is a huge body of
> working code.
> If it was me, personally, I'd hack together a first version in PHP,
> using mysql as a DB. You would not believe how many
> "hacked-together-first-versions" in PHP are still running 5 or 10 years
> later, because it is good enough.

PHP? seriously?

> But node.js might be a better choice. It handles multiple
> connections/threads better than PHP, it has ready to go web server
> modules and tons of example code, it is fashionable, and there are lots
> of jobs for people who can show they've worked on a node.js
> server/client project.
> > My goal is to move away from interpreted languages and release SOLID
> > .exe or bin for unices.
> Are you talking about servers or clients there?

For clients, PLEASE do not release binaries, release sources. No sane
linux user installs random binaries.

> Always go for a well-known interpreted language for a server-side
> application, unless you are CPU or memory bound. (And if you are you,
> you've done something very wrong: Facebook reached half a billion active
> users running a PHP back-end; Wikipedia too...)

true that

> And using a clearly defined http web server protocol, probably built
> around json, and then the clients will take care of themselves: all
> modern languages, except C/C++, come with a good web client library, and
> a good json library. Just hand out a helper C library, perhaps with a
> C++ wrapper API.

I agree!

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