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Sorry, Shih-Chieh Huang, I just noticed that the title of the Appendix II
is messed up. I'll try to get the administrators to change it.

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> Hello Peter Drake,
> In case it helps, quite a while ago I wrote some short articles for the
> benefit of people like me who didn't understand what was going on in the
> field. (Now it's too complicated for me to continue). Along with my other
> writings, they're in the AGA e-Library www.usgo.org/bobhighlibrary.
> Best,
> Peter Shotwell
>  <http://www.usgo.org/files/bh_library/Supercomputer%20Go.pdf>
> *A Time Line of Supercomputer Go: Temporal Difference Learning to Monte
> Carlo Programing*
> <http://www.usgo.org/files/bh_library/Supercomputer%20Go.pdf> *by Peter
> Shotwell* The story behind recent stunning developments in computer play.
>    -
>    Appendix I: Interviews with the Authors of MoGo, Many Faces of Go,
>    Fuego and Zen
>    <http://www.usgo.org/files/bh_library/Supercomputer%20Go%20Appendix%20One.pdf>
>    -
>    Appendix II: 2011 Super Computer Go: Shih -Chieh Huang’s Chieh Huang’s
>    Chieh Huang’s Chieh Huang’s Erica
>    <http://www.usgo.org/files/bh_library/Supercomputer%20Go%20Appendix%20Two.pdf>
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