[Computer-go] CGOS Donations Thank You

Joshua Shriver jshriver at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 19:27:11 PDT 2014

Wanted to be upfront and 100% transparent and THANK YOU.

When I lost my job I reached out to this group, but also my "cough
main group" hense the computer Chess community.

I run the #1 world chess endgame torrent site. Even commericial
engines link and "require me"

I've hosted, hell even have 4 machines online 24/7 RIGHT NOW for chess
authors to run their engines on my OICS (like cgos but for chess)

So here is where I seriously and humbly tip my hat.

I mad both post.. here are the results.

I am a 100% Chess AI guy, but got into Go via Don Dailey and still
working on my own humble engine.

Anyway...out of the donations!   Guess how many Chess ppl donated?
They are the REAL ones who benefit from my servers?  $0

I've been an ass, barely supported CGOS, and honestly feel ashamed of
what CGOS has become compared to what it was on boardspace given my
timesynchole of a job.  But trying to fix that and keep maintaining as
long as I'm alive.

*drum roll* Know how many paypal donations I've received from ppl
here... keep in mind ONLY from this mailing list lol God Bless.

Once converted from multiple currencies... over $225!!!!

Seriously!!! Been blowing my mind.  Think my fav one was from Mrs.
Dailey herself recently.  Hense why I've am now FULL STEAM to push

Anyway... from a person asking for donations... its bad to give $
donated because it honestly will keep future ppl from donating... but
honestly right now... I'm just so happy and grateful I needed to share
my respect for the community.   I spent every $$ to prepay for
hosting.   We are payed for the rest of the year and still some money
in the kitty for future months!

Not saying I wouldn't appreciate accept more lol..... but God bless
you all who have donated. Seriously. I really want this to work and
again CGOS is on the same server as OICS and the torrent EGTB site.
You guys are supporting a MUCH larger crown than just CGOS by

TYVM!!  Seriously tyvm!

P.S. I still accept cryptocoin donations. WAs a lil bit amazed I didnt
get any there.. but given the paypal donations... I can't complain and
honestly still awestruck of the financial support. Thank you!

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