[Computer-go] CGOS future Pt (3?) solid update

Joshua Shriver jshriver at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 19:15:49 PDT 2014

Short story:

I have free time (for real) want to dedicate to CGOS fully.. like
20-40hr a week till solid.  Need help/recommendations.


Long Story:

When I took over the server it was originally meant to for personal
use but Don Dailey asked me to be the new maintainer... how could I
say now... especially since I respect him so much. Mostly for Chess
"komodo" but like him I'm also a Go fan.

Said yes... I have experience, run multiple servers (mainly the
olympuschess.com site, Olympus Internet Chess Server which was
inspired by CGOS but for Chess,  and the egtb torrent site) my lil
non-name to fame.

Anyway I admit in the past I've wanted, tried, but ultimately my
insane job really kept me from holding my end of the stick. 60-80-100+
hrs a week (at 40hr pay cough).

I had it running but only useable.. but no ELO info and web based
presence was sadly a joke.

Even longer story. I have time now and really honestly.. going to
spend some REAL time on CGOS. Not only getting it up to par w/ what
was on boardspace... but a lot of enhancements, including a non TCL
based Qt (Linux/Windows/OS X) based viewer.

Ditching about 15-20% of the code that did the automation. To keep
things solid, the "server" is TCL and will keep that.  But all the
side jobs/scripts/semi-automation bots.  They seriously need updated.

Even looking at the data prior to me.. looks like some things were 1-2
years behind in data publishing.  It *NEEDS* a facelift lol

So for the rest of Sept, and perhaps part or a lot of Oct (really
depends if I find a job quick).  Spending A LOT of time making CGOS

So.... here is where you come in. Know the wiki is out there and do
see some TODO entries which I will honor.  But just wrote a 2minute
script to be more personal.  I love this mailing list but honestly if
you need/want to hit me directly... this is the way or via email
jshriver at gmail.com...


This site will not only email me a copy of what you said, but will
also txt me on my cell phone (pending length)

I'm open to any and ALL recommendations. So please this is REALLY the
time to make them, since now that I have ample time.. this is when I
can push my man hours to changes.

Once I get a full time job again I expect this to be solid as can be
w/ updates. Then spending less time on request.

jshriver at gmail.com
(US) 419-285-6315

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