[Computer-go] codecentric Challenge

Rémi Coulom remi.coulom at free.fr
Mon Oct 27 03:36:20 PDT 2014

Thanks Ingo. I enjoyed this match very much.


On 27/10/2014 11:13, "Ingo Althöfer" wrote:
> Hello,
> it seems that currently the mails from this list are not
> properly distributed, at least I did not receive the two
> mails on zombie processes.
> Nevertheless, I found them in the archive. Here are some
> replies:
> Nick Wedd wrote:
>> Yesterday F J Dickhut won his game in the "codecentric
>> go challenge 2014" five-game match against Crazy Stone,
>> bringing the score to 3-1, and winning the match.
>> My congratulations to Franz Dickhut!
> Congratulations also from me to Franz-Josef. He fully
> deserves the win (and the prize money). It was interesting
> to see his learning process: From round to round he
> had CrazyStone better under control.
>> I hope such an event will be held again next year.
> It is my intention to organize a similar event in Fall 2015,
> with a top German amateur player and a top computer
> program.
> On the zombie processes: It is sort of a miracle for me
> that Remi did not realize the "double load" quickly.
> Normally the bot is showing its simulation count all
> the time, and smaller numbers should be recognized
> more or less immediately.
> I like Nick's proposal for process "self control".
> At least it should be an option. At other occasions
> I perform experiments with CS vs CS on one machine,
> and there it would be a catastrophe when one process
> would shut down "his brothers".
> *******************************
> Olivier wrote:
>> By the way even winning just one game is a great success
>> (no handicap!).
> Indeed it is. And hopefully the event and my plan to have
> another one in Fall 2015 will motivate programmers to
> try for success.
> One of things Remi might try to implement should be
> "knowledge about the 1000-year ko" (that "happened"
> in round 2 in the upper right corner).
> Cheers, Ingo.
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