[Computer-go] codecentric Challenge

"Ingo Althöfer" 3-Hirn-Verlag at gmx.de
Mon Oct 27 03:13:52 PDT 2014


it seems that currently the mails from this list are not
properly distributed, at least I did not receive the two 
mails on zombie processes.

Nevertheless, I found them in the archive. Here are some

Nick Wedd wrote:
> Yesterday F J Dickhut won his game in the "codecentric 
> go challenge 2014" five-game match against Crazy Stone, 
> bringing the score to 3-1, and winning the match. 
> My congratulations to Franz Dickhut!  

Congratulations also from me to Franz-Josef. He fully
deserves the win (and the prize money). It was interesting
to see his learning process: From round to round he
had CrazyStone better under control.

> I hope such an event will be held again next year.

It is my intention to organize a similar event in Fall 2015,
with a top German amateur player and a top computer

On the zombie processes: It is sort of a miracle for me
that Remi did not realize the "double load" quickly.
Normally the bot is showing its simulation count all
the time, and smaller numbers should be recognized
more or less immediately.

I like Nick's proposal for process "self control".
At least it should be an option. At other occasions
I perform experiments with CS vs CS on one machine,
and there it would be a catastrophe when one process
would shut down "his brothers".


Olivier wrote:
> By the way even winning just one game is a great success
> (no handicap!). 

Indeed it is. And hopefully the event and my plan to have
another one in Fall 2015 will motivate programmers to
try for success. 

One of things Remi might try to implement should be
"knowledge about the 1000-year ko" (that "happened"
in round 2 in the upper right corner).

Cheers, Ingo.

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