[Computer-go] Definition of single-point eye

Robert Jasiek jasiek at snafu.de
Thu Oct 23 23:36:21 PDT 2014

On 24.10.2014 01:19, Peter Drake wrote:
> Isn't A an eye here?
> .....
> .xxx.
> .xAx.
> .xxx.
> .....
> (Remember, I'm trying to define "eye", not "life").

If you want to use eye in a broader sense, then every region that is
- connected via lines,
- adjacent and only adjacent to the player's live stones,
- containing empty intersections,
- possibly containing dead opposing stones
is an eye.

> Capture seems to be the more common term.

Informal writing does not care for the difference between capture and 
removal. Accurate writing specifies capture as the transformation from 
unsettled to dead and removal as the taking off the board.

>> "surrounded" is less exact than "adjacent and only adjacent to".
> I'm not sure I understand your wording.

Surrounded is ambiguous, adjacent and only adjacent to is exact. It is 
adjacent to something and it is only adjacent to the something and not 
to something else.

>>> I'm writing up some "how to play Go" flyers
> AGA rules.

So you do NOT NEED ANY life, death and eyes! AGA Rules are unnecessarily 
complicated in their text. They ought to drop life and death. A flyer 
must be short, so drop the unnecessary! Speak of "stones (not) on the 

Read http://home.snafu.de/jasiek/asintro.pdf

Note how I do NOT mention life, death, eyes.

> AGA rules, of course, allow either area or territory scoring.

AGA Rules, of course, use area scoring, do not use territory scoring, 
allow the area score to be determined by either area counting for area 
scoring or territory scoring for area scoring.

> Your rules appear to be largely equivalent to AGA

No, but ignore them if you want to use AGA style rules anyway.

robert jasiek

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