[Computer-go] Definition of single-point eye

Peter Drake drake at lclark.edu
Thu Oct 23 15:17:41 PDT 2014

I'm writing up some "how to play Go" flyers and and want to make sure I'm
being precise. How is this for a definition of a [single-point] eye?

An eye is a vacant point, surrounded [orthogonally] by stones of the same
color, that can only be filled by simultaneously capturing all of the
surrounding stones.

Note that this is a "real" eye, not a "pseudo" or "quasi" eye as we often
use in Monte Carlo search.

Also, because these are rules for beginners, I'm only interested in
one-point eyes. Under AGA (and, I think, Chinese) rules, confused players
can always keep going until all eyes are one-point eyes.

I *think* this definition works regardless of whether adjacent blocks have
one or two eyes. (If filling is always illegal, it certainly requires
capturing all of the surrounding stones.)

Is there a horrible flaw in my definition?

Peter Drake
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