[Computer-go] SPAM and CGOS update.

folkert folkert at vanheusden.com
Tue Mar 4 09:56:55 PST 2014


>       Don Dailey, as much as I honor him, handed the reigns of cgos
> over to me.  I will to my best, and hope to be as good as him.

Two observations:

- the number of playing go engines is very slow. I wonder if this is
  caused by some problem. I noticed that my two engines were sitting
  idle, not noticed that the network connection has been terminated
  somewhere. the two idle engines on my side might be a problem on my
  side though: my internetconnection drops once in a while

- the server is _always_ sending 300000. as matches may take 300
  seconds, I think this means 300ms. the problem is though that it keeps
  sending 300000 for every move! as it is very difficult (if not
  impossible) for a client to determine what the server opinion is of
  how much time is left for a client, this makes it rather difficult to
  decide how much time to use for a move.

Folkert van Heusden

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