[Computer-go] Specifying Chinese rules in SGF

Peter Drake drake at lclark.edu
Mon Jun 23 14:03:33 PDT 2014

SGF(2) has a place to specify the ruleset, according to

*Property:*	RU*Propvalue:*	simpletext
<http://www.red-bean.com/sgf/sgf4.html#simpletext>*Propertytype:*	game-info*Function:*	Provides
the used rules for this game.
		Because there are many different rules, SGF requires
		mandatory names only for a small set of well known rule sets.
		Note: it's beyond the scope of this specification to give an
		exact specification of these rule sets.
		Mandatory names for Go (GM[1]):
			"AGA" (rules of the American Go Association)
			"GOE" (the Ing rules of Goe)
			"Japanese" (the Nihon-Kiin rule set)
			"NZ" (New Zealand rules)

How can we specify the Chinese rules normally used in computer Go?

They're *almost* equivalent to AGA rules, but AGA uses situational superko
while Chinese uses positional superko. The difference would only come up
extremely rarely, potentially making for a nasty bug.

For those who don't know these terms:


Peter Drake
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