[Computer-go] August KGS bot tournament: 13x13

Nick Wedd nick at maproom.co.uk
Fri Jul 25 10:44:21 PDT 2014

The August KGS bot tournament will be held on Sunday August 3rd,
starting at 08:00 UTC and ending by 14:40 UTC.  It will use 13x13 
boards, with time limits of 19 minutes each plus very fast Canadian 
overtime, and komi of 7.5.  There are details at
http://www.gokgs.com/tournInfo.jsp?id=911 .

Please register by emailing me, with the words
"KGS Tournament Registration" in the email title, at
maproom at gmail.com .

If there are less than seven entrants, the usual Swiss tournament
will be replaced by a double-round-robin tournament (each player
will play each other players twice), starting five minutes later,
at 08:05. This tournament's details are at
http://www.gokgs.com/tournInfo.jsp?id=912 .

Nick Wedd
nick at maproom.co.uk

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