[Computer-go] CGOS future

Joshua Shriver jshriver at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 15:55:20 PDT 2014

CGOS specific: I have a lot of free time now to dedicate to CGOS. So
I'm both happy and sad to see now I have time to really dedicate to
this and respkect what DD started.  Just need to make some code to
modify the database based on games output. lol Anyway willing to share
any issues I have. I just want to host and make it keep living in
memory of Don Dailey.



Today I lost my job! While my savings, and if need be 401k will keep
me at least w/ shelter and ramen till Spring. Felt I needed to make
this post.

OICS, CGOS (computer go server), as well as the torrent site are
pre-paid for 2 months. However after that, unless I get a job soon I
will have to terminate my hosting contract.

I've been running this site, offering to host, (personal site) as well
as individual files, either in bulk or now (via mega bulk) via the
semi-new torrent site.

Anyways, I regretfully ask for donations! I'm truly glad, I rustled
the migration beast when I did. Honestly right now. I pay about $5 a
month to run/host the OICS site (olmypushcess.com is completely diff,
but I have DNS set to my VM for oics/cgos/torrent).

Anyway, $5 might not sound like much but when you have no job, and 0
income pending, it gets a lil tight.

If anyone, wants to donate please feel free to send paypal to
jshriver at gmail.com all proceeds go strictly to the $5/month hosting

I also take cryptocoin:
BTC: 1MJFTtQXKxaw35Dprun5YnRW92oNYBZrP6
Blackcoin: BLKLUvuQGWFX9obxssLq912w7WoXeZLCgX
Dogecoin: DH4nN1PpXFK88usESFCZCN8mQvWhquipcn

Honestly if you have ANY crypto willing to donate, PM me I prob have a
wallet for it and will accept it graciously!


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