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Thu Jul 3 15:48:44 PDT 2014

Hi Martin,

2014-07-03 22:02 GMT+01:00 Martin Mueller <mmueller at ualberta.ca>:

> We certainly didn’t mean to short-change the MoGo team's or anybody else’s
> contribution. For this article there were two main points:
> - try to explain as much as possible how things work in a current program
> - have some kind of dramatic story for the introduction. We chose the
> Fuego game against Mr Chou since we are most familiar with it :)

Thanks for the explanations. I like this article a lot (even shared it in
Facebook), just felt a little bit strange that Mogo is not mentioned at all
while the author described the MCTS revolution and techniques. But I
completely understand your points: yeah the space is too little to cover
other things. It is a great article anyway. Thanks for the write-up.

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