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Martin Mueller mmueller at ualberta.ca
Thu Jul 3 14:02:42 PDT 2014

> It is a great article overall. I would like it more if it mentions Mogo, at
> least "Follow from the opponent's previous move" was actually Mogo's
> invention in the famous UCT paper, not Fuego's, not to mention a lot of
> Mogo's achievements on 9x9. But I really like the paragraph describing the
> great idea RAVE. It might be the first introductory article (for general
> people) trying to explain RAVE.

Hi Aja,

thanks for comments.

We certainly didn’t mean to short-change the MoGo team's or anybody else’s contribution. For this article there were two main points:
- try to explain as much as possible how things work in a current program
- have some kind of dramatic story for the introduction. We chose the Fuego game against Mr Chou since we are most familiar with it :)

Anything else had to be compressed into very very little space. So there was no real space for history other than the chess vs Go playing strength graph. The original version of the graph had program names attached to it, but it got simplified away.

There is quite a number of popular articles that focus on MoGo or Crazy Stone or Zen. For example, see articles on

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