[Computer-go] RAVE-Tiling?

Peter Drake drake at lclark.edu
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I'm not sure if this is exactly what you have in mind, but it sounds
similar to some work we started with Orego last summer:



We're planning to explore this further, including reading up on the
literature on Bloom filters.

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> > Subject: [Computer-go] RAVE-Tiling?
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> > Has anybody ever experimented with tiling the board with a set of
> possibly overlaping smaller tiles, and updating the RAVE statistic for
> those tiles, whenever the same pattern comes up for that tile in the tree?
> This would probably be more reliable than AMAF, and fill faster than RAVE,
> so it might be a useful addition. There could even be multiple sets of
> different sizes. I'm proposing fixed borders for the tiles. Another
> approach might be to introduce dynamic tiles in areas that have been found
> by some measure to be critical.
> The papers on Contextual Monte Carlo might be relevant:
> A. Rimmel and F. Teytaud, “Multiple Overlapping Tiles for
> Contextual Monte Carlo Tree Search,” in Proc. Applicat. Evol.
> Comput. 1, LNCS 6624, Torino. Italy, 2010, pp. 201–210.
> J.-B. Hoock, C.-S. Lee, A. Rimmel, F. Teytaud, O. Teytaud, and
> M.-H. Wang, “Intelligent Agents for the Game of Go,” IEEE
> Comput. Intell. Mag., vol. 5, no. 4, pp. 28–42, 2010.
> Regards,
> Cameron
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