[Computer-go] What about the exhibition games?

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Hello Hideki,

thanks for the sgf and all the information in text!
And congratulations for winning the game on 19x19 ;-)
How did the public in Japan comment on the outcomes?

Thanks also to Hiroshi for posting the results.


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> Betreff: Re: [Computer-go] What about the exhibition games?
> All game records of the 1st Denosen are attached (byoyomi was added 
> in the time fields).
> Hiroshi's notation of Japanese names may confuse readers.  Emura and 
> Ozawa are the familiy names and Kikou is usually spelled Kiko, like 
> Tokyo (never written as Toukyou :-).
> All games used Japanese rules and 6.5 komi.  The time setting 
> for 13x13 was 30 min and 30 seconds byoyomi.  For 19x19, 60 and 60 
> but Ozawa used less than half.
> Emura 7d (9d on Tygem; Japanese 7d is a special rank; almost a title for 
> top-level amateurs) is sooooo strong.  Zen had no chances at all.  Maybe 
> one or two (no-komi or 2-stones) handicap was necessary.  His fuseki 
> was better than Zen's (well, Zen's fuseki is often said 1-dan-level :) 
> and the depth and correctness of the forecasting for the fight at the 
> bottom left corner in the second game clearely overtook Zen's.  He 
> forecast the result (W would won the fight) at about move 23 (!) while 
> Zen noticed at move 34 and the winrate dropped to 30%.  Please note 
> that this position is very complicated and the order of the moves is 
> very important.  The game was over.  Zen continued playing, trying 
> critical moves, but Emura replied in very cool.  
> For the first game, Emura played so-called slow moves in the middle of 
> the game and Zen looked have a chance (indeed, the winrate got 60% once) 
> when Zen could play three big yose moves, but, at least I think, Zen had 
> no chance at all as well.
> The last game was very interesting as Zen preferred territory (!).  
> Zen has played all public games in center-oriented style.  Even against 
> Takemiya 9d, very famous with his cosmic style, Zen got cener but, 
> this game, Zen got three corners.
> Ozawa played with Zen-style, say, fourth-line fuseki, katatsuki for 
> fourth-line stones, and o-moyo.  He is the first strong amateur 
> played aginst Zen with Zen-style :).  So the games was relatively 
> easier for Zen, I think.  No complex positions to simulate and 
> evaluate.  Counting large territory is hard (with bigger error) for 
> human but Zen.  The winrate was monotonicly increased throughout the 
> game.   Ozawa notice he was behind in the middle of the game when 
> Zen's winrate was about 60%.  The last ko fight may look dengerous but 
> Zen counted it already.  Zen's lookahead showed only A18 was the 
> effecive ko threat and Zen would ignore that and would win the game.  
> Ozawa didin't realize that losing the ko killed his stones when he 
> started the ko fight.  Zen had clear advantages in the two L&D, at the 
> top left corner and right side.
> If he played with other styles, such as territory oriented, the game 
> might close.
> Hideki
> Hiroshi Yamashita: <2426080FDF8D409E90D6BB4401780AD0 at i3540>:
> >Hi,
> >
> >> I am very curious. How did the exhibition games of
> >> Zen (on 13x13 and 19x19) run today?
> >> Are there already sgf available?
> >
> >Zen lost 2 games in 13x13. And won a game in 19x19.
> >
> >    Emura Kikou,   7d Ama - Zen   2-0
> >    Ozawa Ichiro,         - Zen   0-1
> >
> >I don't have sgf files. 
> >
> >Photo news, Ozawa lost to computer.
> >http://news.mynavi.jp/news/2014/02/16/108/
> >
> >Regards,
> >Hiroshi Yamashita
> >
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