[Computer-go] 1st Go Denou-sen

Darren Cook darren at dcook.org
Tue Feb 11 19:12:28 PST 2014

Thanks for the commentary Kato-san.

> 2nd game: Almost perfect win by B.  Chang 8p had studied this opening a 
> lot and had a big confidence.  Ohashi 6p (well-known 9x9 expert) was 
> very glad because the opening until move 7 practically get concluded as 
> B+0.5, thanks to Chang.  W E5 (6th) was bad.  #This could be included 
> in opening books.  Chang also commented he couldn't noticed W F7 
> (8th) by himself, which is a very good move.  So, without pre-study, 
> he would be surprised and was hard to win.

If white E5, move 6, was bad, and as the game was a half point win for
black, does that mean Chang thought black had a losing position after
move 5?

In game 3, again if white E5 was a bad move, did the pros feel black was
behind at move 9? I'm sensing more doubt in the game 3 commentary,
though :-)

Does anyone have white 2 at F5 in their opening book (*), in preference
to F4? Or has a refutation to F5 been found now?


*: Other than me :-) But I didn't collect enough games of this opening
to feel confident with it.

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