[Computer-go] 1st Go Denou-sen

Hideki Kato hideki_katoh at ybb.ne.jp
Tue Feb 11 13:19:45 PST 2014

Professinals can play with no or few mistakes on 9x9 but MC bots play 
with more mistakes (perhaps one per 10 to 20 moves?) due to the 
randomness.  At the two-years-ago event, Zen vs 3 pros, both did many 
mistakes and Zen had several chances to win.  At this event, however, 
Cho 8p played almost perfectly because he studied 9x9 Go so long (more 
than 10 hours) and Zen had no chances.  Hirata 3p (younger pro) did few 
mistakes at the 1st game but Zen couldn't take the chance because it was 
a very narrow sequence of moves.  As a conclusion, no-miss-play is 
required to beat serious professionals on 9x9 :).


Hiroshi Yamashita: <6582F7E197A74985AC2DEB659A9F7753 at i3540>:
>> It seems Zen lost the 4 games:
>Yes, Zen lost 4 games in 9x9.
>  Chang Li Yu,   8d Pro - Zen  2-0
>  Hirata Tomoya, 3d Pro - Zen  2-0
>Here is a movie news.
>Go Denou-sen, pro win decisively (in Japanese)
>Hiroshi Yamashita
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