[Computer-go] 1st Go Denou-sen

Hiroshi Yamashita yss at bd.mbn.or.jp
Mon Feb 3 02:01:43 PST 2014


1st Go Denou-sen will be held February 11th and 16th.
Zen will play against two pros in 9x9 and one top amateur in 13x13,
 and Ozawa Ichiro in 19x19. Ozawa is a one of the famous Japanese
 politician. He is known as strong Go player. Games will be
 broadcasted on web, niconico-video site only. There is no KGS live.

February 11th
 9x9, 3 games each, no handicaps. komi 6.5, Japanese rule, 20min+30sec.
    Chang Li Yu,   8d Pro - Zen
    Hirata Tomoya, 3d Pro - Zen

February 16th
 13x13, 3 games, no handicaps. komi 6.5, Japanese rule, 30min+30sec.
    Emura Kikou,   7d Ama - Zen
 19x19, 1 game,  no handicaps. komi 6.5, Japanese rule, 60min+60sec.
    Ozawa Ichiro,         - Zen

This event has no relationship about UEC cup and Densei-sen competision.
Go Denou-sen is originated from human-computer event of Japanese chess,
 Shogi. And it is organized by Dowango Co., Ltd.

1st Go Denou-sen (in Japanese)
Promotion Video  (in Japanese)

Hiroshi Yamashita

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