[Computer-go] Move Evaluation in Go Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Martin Mueller mmueller at ualberta.ca
Sun Dec 21 11:30:08 PST 2014

Aja and co-authors,

first of all, congratulations on outstanding results!

I have some questions: 

- Would you be willing to share some of the sgf game records played by your network with the community? I tried to replay the game record in your paper, but got stuck since it does not show any of the moves that got captured.

- Do you know how large is the effect from using the extra features that are not in the paper by Clarke and Storkey, i.e. the last move info and the extra tactics? As a related question, would you get an OK result if you just zeroed out some inputs in the existing net, or would you need to re-train a new network from fewer inputs.

- Is there a way to simplify the final network so that it is faster to compute and/or easier to understand? Is there something computed, maybe on an intermediate layer, that would be usable as a new feature in itself?



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