[Computer-go] C++11; threads

Darren Cook darren at dcook.org
Tue Apr 29 18:10:59 PDT 2014

A round of compiler/OS upgrades mean I'm finally able to use C++11 in
real-world projects, so I've been re-studying all the new features. I
know the computer go community really cares about their CPU cycles, and
also that C++ is widely used, so I'd love to hear stories "from the
frontline" about which C++11 things you are using (or not) and why.

I'm especially interested in if the threading library is good enough for
the high-performance parallel tree searches people are using. It is
mostly boost::thread, which I was already using, but futures are new
(*), and then there is the low-level memory model and atomics.


*: I've been using futures to handle the async complexity in
JavaScript/jQuery. For certain kinds of problems they can be a very
graceful solution.

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