[Computer-go] SGF format: How to specify prisoner count?

Hideki Kato hideki_katoh at ybb.ne.jp
Sun Sep 8 01:18:24 PDT 2013

If B played 2 stone in a row, W must played a pass in between.


Rémi Coulom: <31259B1D-7305-41B7-B223-FCA7DA22BD91 at free.fr>:
>I wonder if it is possible to indicate the number of prisoners when setting up a position in 
>SGF. I would need it for my image-capture app. The difference in the number of prisoners is 
>important in Japanese rules. It is possible to guess its value by assuming that both players 
>passed the same number of times (when handicap and color to move are known). But if one 
>player passed more, then there is no way to guess it.
>I will probably ignore this issue and assume balanced passing when scoring japanese games. It 
>should work well in most situations, but I don't like having to rely on this assumption.
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