[Computer-go] Server Migration Pending

Ton Hospel computer-go at ton.iguana.be
Wed Nov 27 16:37:28 PST 2013

Hi Joshua,

I'm one of the people who have alrerady been trying cgos.computergo.org,
so I'm glad to hear you're making progress and I hope more bots will
join. It's rather empty now..

For the migration would it be possible to put a CNAME on
cgos.boardspace.net that points to cgos.computergo.org ? (or more portable
have the A record refer to the IP address of cgos.computergo.org). Then
clients would not have to be changed and would immediately go to

That would of course imply you need to take over any service
cgos.boardspace.net is supposed to provide (like maybe a webserver
with content for which you would then need to set up a virtual server on
your httpd), so this may not be practical...
Fire is just an explosion that isn't trying hard enough.

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