[Computer-go] Congratulations to Crazy Stone!

Hideki Kato hideki_katoh at ybb.ne.jp
Wed Nov 20 22:01:19 PST 2013

Thank you for the tournament and the report, Nick.

In the Annual Championship page, the positions of DolBaram and Nomitan 
are wrong (http://www.weddslist.com/kgs/annual/index.html).

Congratulations to CrazyStone!


Nick Wedd: <528A6D4C.80802 at maproom.co.uk>:
>Congratulations to Crazy Stone, winner of yesterday's KGS bot
>tournament, with 12 wins from 12 games!
>My report is at http://www.weddslist.com/kgs/past/97/index.html
>As usual I will be grateful for your comments and corrections.
Hideki Kato <mailto:hideki_katoh at ybb.ne.jp>

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