[Computer-go] Playouts vs playingstrength

Kahn Jonas jonas.kahn at math.u-psud.fr
Wed Nov 20 05:12:00 PST 2013

> 100 pts/rank is really very wrong. I don’t have data here, but I remember when I ran WHR experiments on KGS data, it was very clear that Elo points / rank increases a lot with rank. At the strength of Crazy Stone (KGS 5d), a rank is worth much more than 200 Elo points. For beginners, it may be somewhere around 50 Elo points.

GoR takes that into account. It defines 100 Elo as being one rank, but
the Elo point does not have the same value for different ranks.

For example, the expected winning percentage of 7d against 6d (2700 /
2600) is the same as the one between 15k and 17.5k (600 / 350).



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