[Computer-go] Congratulations to Crazy Stone!

Lars Schäfers slars at upb.de
Tue Nov 19 08:08:36 PST 2013

> I don't think it is wrong.  I do think it is inadvisable.  You are
> trusting the server's score-counter to count in the way that you
> expect, when there are dead groups on the board and it can reasonably
> assume that there are no dead groups on the board.
> For instance, in the position shown, it counted B2 as a point for
> White, even while it was regarding the black stones at C1 and C3 as 
> alive. Did your code _know_ it was going to do that?

I think the scoring rules in the clean-up phase are pretty clear (and
even simpler than in the normal playing phase). After two consecutive
passes in the clean-up phase it says that all stones are regarded as
alive. It is just dangerous to continue play only to further clarify the
I think it's more likely that you might lose on time because of a
network lag or some yet undiscovered bug in your engine (or the
server/gtpClient) than that you might lose because the server will count
wrong. Especially when playing with a cluster there are plenty of
possibilities to crash :/

This is at least the reason why Gomorra also passes as early as
possible, when the game is won following the KGS rules. And in the past
the tournament report often said about such games that Gomorra failed to
correctly cleaning up the board, but won anyway. This was for the reason
given above. 

Congratulations to CrazyStone!

Thank you Nick for the report!

- Lars

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