[Computer-go] Congratulations to Crazy Stone!

Nick Wedd nick at maproom.co.uk
Mon Nov 18 14:43:26 PST 2013

On 18/11/2013 21:29, Detlef Schmicker wrote:
> Thanks Nick,
> as you ask both programmers to handle clean up correctly (round 2): I
> would say NiceGo did. It is by design, that it passes for the end of
> game if it counts a win with the clean-up rules.
> If you think, this is wrong handling, please explain. Of cause we want
> to do good handling of the clean-up phase.

I don't think it is wrong.  I do think it is inadvisable.  You are
trusting the server's score-counter to count in the way that you
expect, when there are dead groups on the board and it can reasonably
assume that there are no dead groups on the board.

For instance, in the position shown, it counted B2 as a point for
White, even while it was regarding the black stones at C1 and C3 as 
alive. Did your code _know_ it was going to do that?

> Our opening as black is really strange (round 3). We open much better
> with fewer playouts:) Therefore the other thread about strength vs.
> playouts:)

It worked well against Orego :-)


> Detlef
> Am Montag, den 18.11.2013, 19:41 +0000 schrieb Nick Wedd:
>> Congratulations to Crazy Stone, winner of yesterday's KGS bot
>> tournament, with 12 wins from 12 games!
>> My report is at http://www.weddslist.com/kgs/past/97/index.html
>> As usual I will be grateful for your comments and corrections.
>> Nick

Nick Wedd
nick at maproom.co.uk

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