[Computer-go] How many probes down the tree are necessary for a "good" bot?

Darren Cook darren at dcook.org
Tue Nov 12 18:26:10 PST 2013

> How many probes/playouts are necessary for a 19x19 MCTS bot to beat a human
> amateur?  Let's say 5k rating.

(5 kyu will need defining a bit more: can we assume a KGS 5-kyu?)

If light playouts (i.e. random, with just the most basic go knowledge to
prevent filling your own eyes and ko checking to avoid infinite loops),
I don't think there is any program that can beat a 5-kyu. So, my answer
is "lots and lots".

At the other end, with heavy playouts some of the programs sound like
they might be playing at that level with 100K playouts? (That is a very
rough guess; I'm going by the "Measuring program strength" thread (Aug
3013) where people are getting 50% against GnuGo with 1K to 10K playouts.)


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