[Computer-go] reusing engine instances in gomill and clop?

Matthew Woodcraft matthew at woodcraft.me.uk
Sat May 18 08:30:21 PDT 2013

ds wrote:
> I wonder if anybody had the same problem. We have significant loading
> time of our go engine (oakfoam due to gamma loading).
> Both gomill and clop restart the engine for every compatition. In
> principle it should be possible to reuse the loaded instance?

I don't think it would be difficult to teach gomill to reuse an engine
process, if you would like that. Do you use the --parallel option? It
gets slightly trickier then.

Alternatively, does oakfoam have an option to speak GTP by listening on
a socket (or something similar like a named pipe)?

If so, I think it wouldn't be difficult to write a little GTP proxy
engine that connects to the socket each time it's run, and passes the
commands and responses back and forth. That way you'd solve the problem
for CLOP too.


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