[Computer-go] Computer Go at the European Go Congress

David Fotland fotland at smart-games.com
Thu May 2 08:31:48 PDT 2013

I will enter if someone can run the program for me.  Many faces only runs on Windows, but it would not be too hard to make a Linux version (no GUI, GTP control, for KGS).  Have they said how the computers will communicate?  KGS would be ideal, sine the operator would just run a script before the tournament then watch all the games.


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> The 2013 European Go Congress will be held in Olsztyn, Poland, from July
> 27th to August 11th. On Friday August 2nd, the EGC Science Conference
> will be held there, see http://egc2013.go.art.pl/page/egc-science-
> conference . It will include three computer Go tournaments, see the
> final paragraph of http://egc2013.go.art.pl/page/go-tournaments
> I learned today, from the organiser Pawel Noga, that entrants for these
> tournaments will be required to use the computers provided. I do not yet
> know the specification of these computers, though I guess they will be
> running Windows. I also do not yet know whether programmers will be
> allowed to appoint someone who is at the Congress, to operate their
> programs for them. I have asked Pawel about both.
> I would like to hear from the owners of strong programs whether they are
> planning to enter. If no strong program will be competing, I will not
> want to travel to Poland for the event. If there will be at least two
> strong programs competing, I will travel to Poland, and will offer to
> operate competing programs for those who cannot be there themselves, if
> this is to be permitted.
> If I am to be in Poland for the Congress, the August KGS bot tournament
> will probably be on August 25th;  if I am not going there, it will be on
> August 4th.
> Nick
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