[Computer-go] Need help with fuego source code

David Briemann dbriemann at gmail.com
Mon Jun 24 03:32:54 PDT 2013


I'm reading this mailing list for a while but I've never wrote something
here until now.

I'm currently in a late phase of my master thesis on a move predictor for
computer go. I have several working move predictors trained on a large set
of 6d+ amateur games.

My current goal is to use the move predictor as an extension to an existing
go mcts engine. Most of all I want to use it for the opening phase of the
game to produce better quality moves.

I've chosen Fuego since it's written in c++ which I'm more comfortable with
than c(pachi).

I have extended the GoUctPlayoutPolicy::GenerateMove() function. It still
tries to generate moves with heuristics first( nakade, atari, etc.) but
after that the random move selection is biased.

The move predictor scores all empty/valid moves and then a move is chosen
based on the probabilities. This is only done for board situations with
less than X stones(x is 100 right now). Also i limit the possible moves at
this stage to the best Y predictions made(Y is 30 right now).

To give you an impression, this is what it looks like in fuego for a well
known opening position: http://www.abload.de/img/board7brdj.png

So what is puzzling me right now is this: Even if I limit the possible
playout moves to the best Y predictions, fuego will play different moves.
For example in the linked picture it could play K11, which is not in the
predictor move list. This happens too if I disable all heuristics and just
do the biased playouts.

So my guess is, Fuego is doing searches somewhere else too, which are
independent from the GoUctPlayoutPolicy::GenerateMove() function. Does
anybody have an idea what I am missing here? And how I can limit fuego to
only consider some moves?

Sorry for this longish text.

Best regards,
David Briemann
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