[Computer-go] Narrow wins

David Fotland fotland at smart-games.com
Tue Jun 11 08:39:36 PDT 2013

The primary benefit is more natural play against people, which is more
important to me than it is to some other programs.  In testing against gnugo
on 19x19 with a 3 stone handicap, dynamic komi increases the win rate by
about 3%.  Most of the variants I tried made the program a few percent
weaker, but I found one that is slightly stronger.

ManyFaces on kgs is stronger since I added dynamic komi, but it has many
other changes as well.  Perhaps people are more likely to resign when they
are far behind than when the game is close.  If you look at the game
results,  ManyFaces wins many games by resignation.  


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> > The dynamic komi can be pretty large.  I think I limit it to 30
> points
> > or so.  If the komi were only a point or two you would see a lot
> of
> > games won by 2.5 points or so.  You can see from the results that
> the
> > margins are often pretty large.
> Hello David,
> Interesting! Is the benefit just from more natural-looking play
> (from the point of view of humans), or is it actually increasing the
> win rate do you think?  (And if so, just the win rate against
> humans, or against other programs too?)
> Darren
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