[Computer-go] Narrow wins

Petri Pitkanen petri.t.pitkanen at gmail.com
Tue Jun 11 01:56:59 PDT 2013

I can tell from experience that it certainly affects how bots when giving
handicap. I dob't mfog comercially availalable version has it but my first
feeling ehrn playing it was it does not. On 4 core laptop I pretty much
lost 4  game out of five even but had no trouble with two stone handicap.
Without synamic go bot try to get even in opening stage  which is not
really doable if handicap is correct.

With Pachi - I assume due ti dynamic handicap - situation feels different.
Measuring this effect is possible since bots can be easily adjusted in
strength, but  takes quite an effort still.


2013/6/11 Darren Cook <darren at dcook.org>

> > The dynamic komi can be pretty large.  I think I limit it to 30 points or
> > so.  If the komi were only a point or two you would see a lot of games
> won
> > by 2.5 points or so.  You can see from the results that the margins are
> > often pretty large.
> Hello David,
> Interesting! Is the benefit just from more natural-looking play (from
> the point of view of humans), or is it actually increasing the win rate
> do you think?  (And if so, just the win rate against humans, or against
> other programs too?)
> Darren
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