[Computer-go] CG2013, in Yokohama

Darren Cook darren at dcook.org
Mon Jun 3 19:56:27 PDT 2013

For once, a conference I want to know about, and it doesn't get
announced here :-) The programme is now up here:


(In case that URL insists on registration, and you just want to see the
list, I've pasted it in below.)

It is over 3 days: 13/14/15 Aug.
Early sign-up fee is 200 euros.

I cannot find when the sign-up deadline is, or how much it costs if not

Are there any other events going on before/after, in the area? (I mean
research presentations, that kind of thing; I know about the ICGA
events: chess tournaments and the computer olympiad:

BTW, I'm nothing to do with conference organization, but as a Tokyo
local, if anyone has general questions, I'm happy to try and help.
(Perhaps off-list, unless you think others will have the same question.)


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Investigating the Limits of Monte Carlo Tree Search Methods in Computer Go
Huang, Aja; Mueller, Martin

MoHex 2.0: a pattern-based MCTS Hex player
Huang, Shih-Chieh; Arneson, Broderick; Hayward, Ryan; Mueller, Martin;
Pawlewicz, Jakub

On Semeai Detection in Monte-Carlo Go
Graf, Tobias; Schaefers, Lars; Marco, Platzner

Comparison Training of Shogi Evaluation Functions with Self-Generated
Training Positions and Moves
Ura, Akira; Miwa, Makoto; Tsuruoka, Yoshimasa; Chikayama, Takashi

Resources, Entities, Actions. A generalized design pattern for RTS games
and its language extension in Casanova
Abbadi, Mohamed; Di Giacomo, Francesco; Maggiore, Giuseppe; Plaat, Aske;
Orsini, Renzo; Spronck, Pieter

Quantitative study of 2 by 4 Chinese Dark Chess
Chang, Hung-Jui; Hsu, Tsan-sheng

Programming Breakthrough
Lorentz, Richard; Horey, Therese

Havannah and TwixT are PSPACE-complete
Bonnet, Édouard; Jamain, Florian; Saffidine, Abdallah

Anomalies of Pure Monte Carlo Search in Monte Carlo Perfect Games
Althöfer, Ingo; Turner, Wesley Michael

Solution Techniques for Quantified Linear Programs and the links to Gaming
Lorenz, Ulf; Opfer, Thomas; Wolf, Jan

Cylinder-Infinite-Connect-Four except for Widths 2, 6, and 11 is Solved:
Yamaguchi, Yoshiaki; Tanaka, Tetsuro; Yamaguchi, Kazunori

Automatic Generation of Chinese Dark Chess Opening Books
Chen, Bo-Nian; Hsu, Tsan-sheng

Improving Best-Reply Search
Esser, Markus; Gras, Michael; Winands, Mark H.M.; Schadd, Maarten P.D.;
Lanctot, Marc

Scalable Parallel DFPN Search
Pawlewicz, Jakub; Hayward, Ryan

Efficiency of Static Knowledge Bias in Monte-Carlo Tree Search
Viennot, Simon; Ikeda, Kokolo

Developments on Product Propagation
Saffidine, Abdallah; Cazenave, Tristan

Analyzing Simulations in Monte Carlo Tree Search for the Game of Go
Fernando, Sumudu; Mueller, Martin

Material Symmetry to Partition Endgame Tables
Saffidine, Abdallah; Jouandeau, Nicolas; Buron, Cédric; Cazenave, Tristan

First Results of Simple Majority Voting for Chess
Spoerer, Kristian Toby; Okaneya, Toshihisa; Ikeda, Kokolo; Iida, Hiroyuki

Optimal, Approximately Optimal, and Fair Play of the Fowl Play Card Game
Neller, Todd W.; Malec, Marcin; Presser, Clifton G. M.; Jacobs, Forrest

Dependency-Based Search for Connect6
Wu, I-Chen; Kang, Hao-Hua; Lin, Hung-Hsuan; Lin, Ping-Hung; Wei,
Ting-Han; Chang, Chieh-Min; Liao, Ting-Fu

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