[Computer-go] Kifu-Snap: automatic go-board image recognition

Rémi Coulom Remi.Coulom at free.fr
Sun Jul 21 16:53:29 PDT 2013


A new version is available now. It supports automatic grid recognition (19x19 only). That was much more complicated to do than what I originally thought. Stone recognition was not improved, it is exactly the same as before.

I am sorry I changed the package signature, so you'll have to uninstall the previous version in order to be able to install the new one.

This new version will work until October 1st. I am sorry if you were hit by the limit of the previous version. I thought I would release an upgrade earlier.

I thank all the users who sent photos. I don't really need more, but feel free to continue sending them to me.

Have fun, and please let me know if you have any comment or suggestion.


On 29 mai 2013, at 16:55, Rémi Coulom wrote:

> Hi,
> I have just put this on my web page, if some of you are interested:
> http://remi.coulom.free.fr/kifu-snap/
> Kifu-Snap is an experimental tool to recognize a go board from a picture. On this web page you can download a free demo of the current Android prototype. You might find this prototype useful already, as it should let you score a finished game much faster than manual scoring. Still the recognition rate is far from perfect. The purpose of releasing this prototype is that the app will let you email your board pictures to me if you wish to do so. I need to collect a large database of varied board samples in order to train the machine-learning algorithms of kifu-snap better. So I'd appreciate your help. In exchange for this data, the next version of Kifu-Snap is likely to recognize your board better.
> Rémi
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