[Computer-go] Results of past Human/Computer Go challenges

Nick Wedd nick at maproom.co.uk
Sat Jul 20 11:35:26 PDT 2013


Many thanks.  I have added the ionformation to computer-go.info.


On 18/07/2013 22:29, Hideki Kato wrote:
> Nick,
> Nick Wedd: <51E84AE4.3050204 at maproom.co.uk>:
>> I maintain a list of Human/Computer Go challenges at
>> http://www.computer-go.info/h-c/index.html, listing them with
>> their results.
>> For four of the five most recent such challenges, I have failed
>> to find any results. These are
>> November 26th  Games played probably on KGS, by MoGoTW
> I have no idea.  Perhaps, Olivier knows?
>> May 6th        A game played by "Takuto Ooomote" against Zen, at
>>                 the 27th Annual Conference of The Japanese Society
>>                 for Artificial Intelligence. (I find the spelling
>>                 "Ooomote" suspicious.)
> The date is wrong.  The event was held on 5th June.
> I've already post the result on this list (Message-Id:
> <51afdc00.4850%hideki_katoh at ybb.ne.jp>) on "Thu, 06 Jun 2013 09:47:04
> +0900".  You can find more, especially in English, by Googling "Takuto
> Ooomote Zen", though.
> Ooomote is correct, btw, like Oookayama where Tokyo Institute of
> Technology is.  Leading double "o" means "big" in Japanese (works like a
> prefix) and so, when the body starts with "o" you find triple "o" :).
> Read something like "Oh-omote".
>> July 9th       Games between "Jirong" and other strong players,
>>                 and Coldmilk, Many Faces of Go, MogoTW and Zen
>>                 played on KGS
>> July 7th-10th  Games between Ping-Chiang Chou 5p, Shi-Jim Yen 6d
>>                 and Ching-Nung Lin 6d, and Coldmilk, Many Faces of
>>                 Go, MogoTW and Zen, played as part of "FuzzIEEE2013".
>> It is possible that the last two events were in fact the same.
> Yes, they are the same event.
> Announce in FUZZ-IEEE 2013 official site:
> http://www.isical.ac.in/~fuzzieee2013/?q=node/26,
> Actual site: http://oase.nutn.edu.tw/FUZZIEEE2013/,
> Schedule: http://oase.nutn.edu.tw/FUZZIEEE2013/schedule_day1.htm,
> Results: http://oase.nutn.edu.tw/FUZZIEEE2013/result.htm,
> Program (PDF, CAUTION! 10 MB):
> http://oase.nutn.edu.tw/FUZZIEEE2013/PDF/Program-06292013-2.pdf .
> Hideki
>> I would be grateful for any information about them, particularly
>> URLs about them, and the results, including game records if possible.
>> I would also like to thank the organisers of the Denseisen for
>> publishing the results of the event they ran on March 20th, in
>> a way that is easy to find.
>> Nick

Nick Wedd
nick at maproom.co.uk

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