[Computer-go] Handicap 29 prize

David Fotland fotland at smart-games.com
Fri Jan 18 23:27:31 PST 2013

I just put it back up.  It crashes sometimes, so if it's not there, send me
an email and I'll restart it.




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Ingo and David --

Very nice offer!  Some questions :

1.	Right now on KGS, I do not see a user active with mfgo1998 as its
2.	I do not even see a user account listed on the system with that
3.	Assuming that does get set up, can a person play the mfgo1998 bot
themselves, to get an idea of what they're up against?
4.	Is there any other way to get a copy of the 1998 version of Many
Faces of Go, to spar against on my own PC, for example.  Or would that be
against the rules?

-- Mark Goldfain

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