[Computer-go] Commercial Go Programs - Zen and Crazystone features?

unic (Ola Mikael Hansson) enhorning at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 02:18:09 PST 2013

So, I am considering buying a second Go program (I already have Many
Faces of Go) for my Windows 7 PC (6-core i-970, 6 GB RAM), and these
two seem to be the main candidates.

Their webpages are unfortunately sparse regarding what features the
program comes with - especially for Zen (
), there is barely any information at all.

If somebody have both of these (or either), could they please provide
a summary of feature?

In particular, what board sizes are supported?  Is their some sort of
analysis function for automatically analysing a game?

Any other reasons to buy one or the other of these two would also be
welcome - I can unfortunately only afford to get one of them.  (I
notice the Crazystone program got new releases in May 2011 and May
2012 - if a new version is to be released in spring again, would it
perhaps be better to wait for that?)

Or would I be better off with some free program I've been overlooking?
 Most of them seemed quite sparse as far as features outside of just
playing a game, from when I tried them in the past - e.g. no good
support for post-game analysis.

Best regards
/Ola Mikael Hansson

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